About us


We pride ourselves with the quality of service that we
give to our customers. That is, every customer is treated
on an individual basis. We believe that when a service
has been provided, it doesn't end there.
From continuing positive feedback, we know
we are doing something right.
But this doesn't mean we become blasé about the
service we provide. It is a positive indication that
we should always keep pushing the boundaries
of a quality service for all.
Core Plugs International™ came about on the
3rd of April 2010 as a result of a difficulty in
finding the correct core plugs for a motor vehicle.
Either they were too expensive, or they were
included with an assortment of other plugs that
were not wanted, or needed.
So, after some extensive searching, and after obtaining
the plugs that were needed, it was then, that a decision
was made to go about helping others find the plugs 
needed......at sensible prices, and with a
'no minimum purchase amount'

All plugs are created via the Sweeney & Blocksidge 40 tonne press.